A trip to the scrap yard…
An old fashioned dumpster dive…
A walk through a hardware store…

Kris Krull is a self-taught artist who resides in Richmond, VA. His works can be found in galleries, restaurants, and private residences all over the East 
Coast. He enjoys collecting metal objects with the intention of filtering light through them creating unique works of art. The last few years, he has 
focused more on a contemporary/industrial feel using aluminum and stainless steel.


In the 90’s, Kris moved from LA into a downtown warehouse in Charlotte, NC filled with artists working in all mediums. He was immediately “bitten by the 
bug” and started creating sculptures out of restaurant cardboard pieces and used drumheads. He then discovered train cars on the way to the scrap yard where 
he gathered many unique metal objects to create furniture pieces. Then Kris came to “the light bulb in the metal can with all the holes in it” moment when 
he was inspired by projections of light. Most recently, he has incorporated illuminated photography and illustrations into his works. After many years and 
much blood, sweat and tears, Kris Krull has progressed his work into a multi-dimensional, contemporary and visually stunning gallery of unique metal 
wall-mounted and freestanding light sculptures and furniture.